Shadow & Bone Season 2 Review


Madeline Krassner, Writer

With the most anticipated Netflix hit out, BookTok is raging. Was Shadow and Bone season two really worth it? Were they an accurate representation of the books? Should YOU watch Shadow and Bone season 2?

The answers to these questions are yes, no, and YES. Shadow and Bone season two is all the way worth it. If you’re a Six of Crows or Shadow and Bone book fanatic, then I have a feeling season 2 will fulfill your hunger. 

We return to Alina and the Crows. And of course, they are on another mission. A final mission? Let’s hope not. But definitely a mission. My favorite part of Shadow and Bone are the Crows, so I was absolutely ecstatic when Wylan popped onto the cast list. Jack Wolfe (the actor of Wylan Van Eck) portrays the perfect combination of cute, cinnamon bun, and clever chemist. He was chef’s kiss PERFECTION. Of course, Kaz, Inej, and Jesper practically carried the show. From exploring Kaz’s past to understanding Kanej’s future (ship name of Kaz and Inej), viewers definitely got a lot of cute interactions.

Now, to Alina and Mal. Yes, we got MANY kisses. And yes, we got the one-bed trope. AND BOY DID IT GO WELL. The much anticipated Nikolai Lantsov appeared in many of the episodes. Patrick Gibson, the actor, portrayed a wonderful balance of strength, weakness, and personality that we all were waiting for. And the darkling? YOU WISH. He got what he deserved in the end–good or bad. You’ll have to wait and watch.

In the end, I’d say this season was incredibly shot. The special effects were on point and the two plots intertwined perfectly. Whoever the casting director was needs a raise. The actors portray their characters so flawlessly that I can’t even imagine them any differently. Do I recommend it? YES! If you’re a Grisha-verse fan, Shadow and Bone is definitely your spring show. No mourners, no funerals! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️