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  Some individuals believe that groufit wearers only sport groufits, or monochrome gray outfits, because they are “too lazy” to put in the work for a more complex assembly of pieces, or  because they don’t have good style; however, these ignorant ideas contradict what I know to be true for myself. When I choose a groufit, I actively do so for the comfort and often the aesthetic. In my opinion, groufits aren’t sloppy, but rather misunderstood. I wondered if I was alone in this stance, so I sought out avid groufit wearers in the Abington community to get their takes on the matter.

Vanessa Bucalo (Above)

Q: Why do you wear groufits?

A: Because when the weather is gray, I want to match the vibes.

Q: Can you describe your groufit?

A: I am wearing gray Brandy Melville sweats and a gray zip-up sweatshirt.

Q: Have you ever personally been hated on by your groufit?

A: No, but I don’t wear groufits a lot, so this might be why I haven’t experienced any hate.

Q: Do you think groufits deserve the judgment they often receive?

A: Absolutely not. I am comfortable and so cute, so no one should be hating.

Nathan Schneider (Above)

Q: Can you describe your groufits?

A: Usually I’ll just put on soft gray sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I feel like they are usually super soft and generally the most comfortable type of outfit.

Q: Why do you love your groufits?

A: I love how I can look in the mirror and look as comfortable as I feel. 

Q: Do you think groufits deserve the hate they often receive?

A: Even though I love how groufits are some of the comfiest clothing, they definitely look somewhat stupid. I think they are also a bit unconventional, so people might judge completely valid groufits because they simply aren’t used to them being worn so casually.

Sam Erwine (Above)

Q: Why do you think you’re a groufit wearer?

A: Most of my sweatshirts happen to be gray, and my sweatpants are, too, so I end up naturally pairing them together. I don’t care though, because I look so cute.

Q: Can you describe your current groufit?

A: I am wearing a gray New Balances, a gray Nike sweatshirt, and a plain dark gray sweatshirt I thrifted.

Q: Have you personally ever received backlash for a groufit you wore?

A: Yes.I walk into a room, and people comment on my outfit like it’s an issue.

Q: How does that make you feel?

A: Bad.

Q: Do you think groufits deserve the hate they get?

A: Absolutely not. I’m comfy and cute. What more could you ask for?

    Interacting with these fellow groufit wearers helped me to realize I wasn’t alone in my admiration of the gray outfit phenomenon. Whether you intend to match the atmosphere on a foggy day, seem “as comfy as you feel,” or simply look cute, a groufit may be just the thing to enhance your wardrobe.


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