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Tradition of Spring Cleaning


During this time, the Northern Hemisphere is starting to experience warmer weather and longer days. Spring is here which means the urge to clean your house is right around the corner. Things like getting rid of clothes and deep cleaning in tricky spots is a communal experience of many across the Northern Hemisphere. It has become a tradition within society to clean during this time. But many may ask: why clean during this time and when did this start?

Why is Spring Cleaning so Important?

Spring cleaning is a difficult thing to do. It takes a lot of time and energy to deep clean your whole house. But after all of the hardships, there is peace. Your house is free of dust and cobwebs. It smells like the freshness of clean sheets all over. The mess is picked up and it overall feels comfortable. 

Unfortunately, spring is the start of horrible allergies. Cleaning gets rid of these disgusting yellow balls that seem to take over your eyes and nose. That gray layer of dust may also be the reason why your nose has been non-stop running. On top of this, spring cleaning frees the air of anything that may get you sick. The clean surfaces boost your immune system. Spring cleaning also brings out a positive attitude within a person. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house. Your spirits will be lifted by all of the elements that come with spring cleaning.

History of Spring Cleaning

There are religious and cultural origins of the tradition of spring cleaning. The earliest records of spring cleaning is found in the Jewish tradition of Passover. This is observed in either March or April. People remove all traces of chametz or leavened bread which is not allowed leading up to the holiday. It symbolizes when Israelites fled Egypt and they were unable to wait for their bread to rise before their journey to freedom.

Another origin of this tradition takes place in the Catholic Church. During the month of March and April, Catholics clean altars in churches on Maundy Thursday ahead of Good Friday. Nowruz is a celebration of the beginning of spring. This involves the tradition of washing clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

Before Lunar New Year in China, it is common to clean the house of bad luck. This is to make sure that the next year is good and full of luck. It allows for a new start with the new year. The cleaning has to be done before the holiday takes place. If it does not take place beforehand and is done after, it is seen as wiping away all of the luck.

Overall, spring cleaning is an important and crucial part of spring. It is a tradition that cleanses the house as well as the mind and body. It creates a calm, warm atmosphere that anyone and everyone loves to come home to after a long day of school, work, or running errands.

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