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Course Selection: Physics?


As students are choosing their courses for the coming school year, sophomores have the grueling task of planning their path for the notorious junior year. Deciding whether or not to include AP courses is a big question in many students’ minds, particularly for those looking to impress colleges. In the end it’s all up to you to choose what you want but there is a good deal to account for. Good grades in AP science courses specifically often look good on a high school transcript, given many have acquired notoriety as difficult classes. This is especially true for the three AP Physics courses. While everyone’s experiences will be different, this article will include the experience of many students through the Physics courses offered. 


The CP Experience

“As a person who prefers liberal arts, taking CP Physics with Mr. Spencer was easy and painless. I got a good grade despite learning a marginal amount of physics. I would highly recommend the course to upcoming juniors.”

“Physics with Mr. Wiley was fun; although I didn’t enjoy the physics, he was a good teacher and I ended with a grade I’m happy with despite not having digested too much content.”


The AP Experience

Physics 1

“I liked taking physics with Mr. Spencer. Physics 1 moves faster than Physics 2 given you’re still learning the basics of physics rather than building on it. I usually do well in science and math classes, and I did well in the class and did well on the AP test. It’s not easy but I would definitely recommend it to incoming students.”

“Physics with Lacy is ok, as it’s not hard if you study. There isn’t that much required work, and  it’s mostly on you to do the work you need to. IF you give yourself some time and you’re not lazy, then you’ll pass fine. I understand the topics although I don’t do well grade-wise. I felt pretty below average but I’m usually good at math, not science. I would recommend it to anybody who is actually interested and passionate, if you don’t have some sort of drive you won’t do as well. If I wasn’t a lazy bum my grade would probably be better.”


Physics 2

“I liked taking Physics with Ms. Lacy. Physics 2 is definitely slower but it won’t be the case next year given the course is changing. I do well in science and math classes and my grade is good for this class. I would recommend it.”

“Physics 1 with Mr. Spencer was fun and interesting. I’m still not sure if I like Physics or not. Physics 1 moves really quick,  and I did not like torque. I did well with grades and my AP score, I also tend to do well in science and math courses. I would recommend it unless you hate math and science.”

“Physics 2 with Ms. Lacy is more interesting. I am doing well grade-wise and I tend to do well with science and math courses. I would recommend it if you liked physics and like math and science.”

Ms. Lacy: “I think people are really just scared of the name, ‘Physics.’ It’s not as bad as people make it out to be and although it is taught differently, it’s the backbone of all science and I’d recommend it to everybody.”

Physics C

“Taking AP Physics C with Mr. Spencer is cool, as it feels like a repeat of Physics 1 with a bit of calculus. The material lines up with Physics 2 in the second semester. I’m  doing well with grades and I would recommend it if you like physics and do well in physics.”

Hopefully this helps bring new perspective to upcoming Juniors. However, in the end it’s just high school and nothing is set in stone. 

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I'm Olivia and I'm a senior. I'm in the school's jazz band, ASA, National Art Honors Society, and young physicists' research group. There's so many topics and events to think over that I'm excited to format and put into articles for people to read!

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