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A Chance Encounter with Daryl Morey


Presidents’ weekend is a time to reflect on our country. A time to remember the people that hold the most powerful position in our government and wonder what we would ask them if we had the opportunity. And, as it turns out, I had the opportunity this past weekend to not only meet one of the people I admire but the privilege of asking him some of the burning questions I had as a Sixers fan and lover of the game. 

I was going on a weekend trip with my dad and, just as we boarded our flight, I thought I saw a familiar face. I turned to my dad and asked, “Is that Daryl Morey?” My dad confirmed my suspicions and I realized that Mr. Morey, who is the Head of Basketball Operations for the Sixers, was sitting just three rows in front of me. This is the guy who makes all of the trades and signs all of the players for the Sixers. This makes Daryl Morey a very powerful man. If only I could be in THAT room where it happens.

Just before takeoff I walked toward Mr. Morey, shook his hand, and thanked him for his most recent trade to obtain our new Sixer, Buddy Hield. This was a player that many fans, myself included, wanted on the team for years. We chatted for a minute about how great of an addition he has been for the team before I went back to my seat for takeoff. My original plan for the flight was to take a quick nap and watch a show, but all of a sudden that didn’t seem like the best use of my time. I knew that there was an opportunity to be seized here and I was going to take it. 

I started brainstorming some questions I could ask Mr. Morey. That was easy since they were at the tip of my tongue. The hard part was finding the window and getting the chance to respectfully ask him if I could interview him for the school paper. However, as it turns out, he showed me that a person can be powerful but still approachable and gracious. We walked and talked. 

I first asked him about the addition of Kyle Lowry and what he expected him to bring at this late stage of his career. Lowry, a 37 year old Philadelphia native, has long wanted to play for his hometown team and is finally getting the chance. Morey explained that he was a big fan of Lowry, which was expected considering he had already traded for him once before when he was the General Manager of the Houston Rockets. He added that he expects Lowry to contribute just as much off the court as he does on the court. Hopefully, Lowry can be a calming veteran presence on a team with championship aspirations.

Next I asked him what it would mean to win a championship for the city of Philadelphia specifically. He said that it would obviously mean a lot. “It’s why we do it,” he said. He acknowledged that a ring is sort of the last thing that he, Joel Embiid, and Elton Brand need in order to solidify their legacy in the sport. “Everyone’s jealous of Nick and the championship he won,” he joked. Overall it seems like the organization understands the standard of winning in this city and they want to give the fans a parade on Broad Street. 

Lastly, I asked Morey about the reports of him trying to trade for some of the league’s superstars before the trade deadline and how much of that was actually trying to make a trade versus just showing interest for the future. He explained that he did it because if you want to be the best team in the league, you need the best players in the league. He added, “I don’t reach out unless we’re gonna try to do something for sure.” As a Sixers fan, it’s a good feeling to know that the team is reaching out to other teams in order to try to build the best team possible.

As we left the airport en route to our destination, my dad and I got stuck in a snowstorm on a one lane highway in our tiny rental car. No water, no bathroom, no blankets, no food. Still, I had a huge grin on my face thinking about the day’s prior events and the fortunate circumstance I found myself in. Two hours later, the storm subsided, the traffic moved, and we headed on our way again.

Chatting with Morey wasn’t just fan talk, although he could have easily shrugged me off as one. Rather, it felt like a lesson in what it takes to aim for the top in any field– making smart choices, sticking to your goals, and really caring about your team’s dream. This talk was a reminder that striving for greatness involves courage, hard work, and a dream that brings people together.

This holiday weekend also turned into a personal story of finding inspiration in unexpected places. Meeting Morey showed me that leading is really about having a vision, working hard for it, and inspiring others along the way. I felt grateful for this lesson that life’s most unforgettable moments often come from the most unexpected encounters, and that very important people can also be kind.          

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