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Creative Corner – December

Poetry and Short Stories by Abington students

When I Wake

By Christopher Law


In life, I know myself to be-

A man of heartbreak and callous thoughts,

Breaking down the simple joys-

Of childhood,

Wonders I have most definitely long forgotten.


But in my mind-

My shallow slumber of memories,

I find myself a young boy once more,

Laying upon my childhood mattress and matted quilt-

My head rests upon a cold knee,

One I remember nevermore.


In my eyes, this blackened room of mine-

Feels comforting, and yet-

The hand in my hair seems dull and still,

I lived this through,

This I know-

And yet my skin feels repulsed by what should be so comforting of a touch,

I want it not, and yet it will.


I feel the presence-

Of shadows familiar yet unknown to me,

The cold stares and frozen touch-

No longer feels as it did in life,

The storybook by my heel forever still-

Lying open in a fine layer of dust.


I dream this dream-

Every night,

And when I wake, I find myself a man once more.

And when I wake, I find myself-

Grasping for that hand once more.


Colors of an Olden New

By Isabella Fielder


Flowers of new paint the trees

But not too long before they flee

their beauty glows for all to see

But catch now before they go with the sea

Petals will fall soon to the floor

Leaves will turn a darker shade

The ground piles with more and more

The colors will soon fade

Change will be here

A new wind will be in the air

What is now will not be then

What is here will not stay

What will be is not what was

What you have you will lose

For change takes it all away


Liminal Space

By Kou Savadove


A breath of fresh air

No people in sight

Living without a care

Only birds in flight

A break from reality

A dream come true

A peaceful eternity

Skies so blue

Tweets from birds are all to be heard

Wanting to live solitarily

Being alone is preferred

A quiet escape

Completely alone

Lost in the landscape

Close to unknown


Love Needs Trust

By Lovely Rosa-DeJesus


The soul is but half whole

and to be complete is a difficult task


Finding your other half

Is the same as finding yourself,

No one can force completion


It simply comes naturally, and suddenly

life twists and turns your path


Winding roads that mislead you,

make you see what others might not

Your other half does the same

Follows the same roads,

goes down misleading paths


In the end, they always lead to each other,

to completion,

one whole



Love is when two become one

Trusting your partner to go down those paths with you

No matter what

Follow in each others’ footsteps

Unworthy of cowardice



Needy, no, but to need

To need your partner is to love them

Without it, you go separately

For you aren’t whole if you do not need them

Does one not need half of their soul?



Truly, what you must do is trust

Because without it

You will never know whether you have found them

Found yourself

Found your whole


Love will always be found if you truly need it

but you must trust yourself to receive it


From Venomous Lips

By George Schefik


Such pain I cannot bear

It toils at me,

Wearing at my mind, tearing at my body

So in this missive, I implore you…

…A moment to say goodbye.


If with my mouth I were to speak words of treachery

To break your trust and betray your heart

Could I still find forgiveness in thou saddened soul,

When from venomous lips, I whispered:

“I love you”?


So with this passing letter,

I implore you to forgive me;

I implore you to forget me;

And I implore you to move on

And love yourself the way

That I have always loved you.

In my Failings

By George Schefik

In my failings,

I broke your wings,

And took away your flight


In my failings

I stole your hope,

And cast away your sight


In my failings

I left you behind,

And forsook you on this night

So forgive me, my friend

I have failed you

And covered up the light

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