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Over-Consumption Isn’t Cute


“Buy this new holiday set before it sells out!” 

“Here are the in-style shoes this season!” 

“My holy grail products that you need to grab!” 

In the peak of the influencing era, it is quite tempting to feel as though you need every hot product on the market. (And I’m no exception) But trust me when I say– you don’t. 

In this modern era of fast fashion and ingenious marketing, I think everyone has been a victim of the pressure to have everything. The rising pressure has been leading people to feel left out when they don’t have what everyone else does. It is so normalized to accumulate so much stuff, and many of the items bought contain no functional purpose. These spending sprees combined with fads changing like the wind are unsustainable, which is already becoming annoyingly apparent. 

The second I open my social media, within minutes I’m already having brand deals and sponsorships thrown in my face, with college-age kids raving about the new PR their “favorite brand” sent them. These videos are  seen by malleable teenagers whose greatest fear is being set apart from the crowd. This is violently dangerous–because it works in favor of these brands. And not to give all of the credit to social media–because peer influences do their fair share of damage as well. The only way to be immune to your peers’ newest paraphernalia is to never leave your house. So before you sprint to the mall at the sight of your friend’s cute new sweater, I warn you of the consequences of this unhealthy lifestyle. 

I along with all people know that what was in style as little as one year ago wouldn’t turn an eye today. With that being said, it is clear that what everybody is racing for today, won’t be relevant in a moment. This crucial element of society seems to slip most people’s minds when it is clouded with the nagging need to feel included. 

So if there is one thing you can take away from this–give yourself a couple of nights before buying your cart. I urge you to consider the economic damages & waste production that comes from the temporary joy of new possessions. 


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Sarah Rothman
Sarah Rothman, Opinion Editor
Hi! I'm Sarah, a co-editor of the opinions section this year! I love to write and am grateful for the opportunity to share it through The Abingtonion! I love science, music, fashion, and movies. I love connecting with people over shows and artists, and look forward to growing the opinions section of the 2023-24 school year!

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