Ways To Help the Planet This Summer


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Hand holding earth planet with trees growing in flat design. Save the planet concept. Save our environment.

Sarah Rothman, Writer

The quickly approaching summer break is a time to be outside and enjoy the weather. Making sure we do everything in our power to keep our earth clean and safe is vital so temperate weather can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Minimalizing litter

Now, I hope most people don’t consciously throw trash on the ground with the intent to litter, but recreational activities may leave trash without the aim to litter. Plastic confetti from celebrations harms animals’ habitats. Of course, summer is a time when you should be gathering and celebrating, but it is possible to do so without leaving mounds of death for the co-inhabitants of our beloved planet. Likewise, look out to avoid leaving any waste on the beach; marine life is already struggling without additional choking hazards in the water. 

Using a reusable water bottle

During the scorching months of summer, you should be drinking tons of water. Using a single-use plastic bottle each time you need to quench your thirst takes an unimaginable toll on the environment. Using a reusable water bottle has superfluous benefits. Primarily, it has added cost efficiency: water is much cheaper when it doesn’t come pre-packaged. Moreover, using a bottle that is personalized to your taste may motivate you to drink additional water. (Which can’t hurt!)

Limiting Consumption of Goods 

I know too well the urge to possess a collection of summer attire and accessories, but I urge you to limit these seasonal items to the necessities. With fast fashion and the rapidly changing internet fads, overconsumption of unethically-made and subsidiary items are being bought up by many. If you limit purchasing unneeded articles, you can single-handedly help the planet greatly. The excess of goods and the culture of over-consumption are detrimental to the earth– and only fills the scarce space left in landfills. 

While you admire nature this coming season, remember that the continuation of this celebratory season depends on our joint effort to be conscious of how actions harm the environment.