Don’t Look Up Movie Review 


Sarah Rothman, Writer

Although I am rather late to join the mass of people who love this film, my recent viewing of the movie Don’t Look Up left me stunned. The film stars an awkward astronomer that a young Ph.D. candidate confides in when she sees a 10-kilometer comet headed toward Earth. The movie depicts their lives through the 6 months they have left until the comet hits Earth. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence enact a shocking and amusing performance — I could not imagine anyone who could have played these roles better. 

After Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Kate Dibiasky discovers this comet casually, her colleagues congratulate her and they admire the shots of it. After DiCaprio’s character, Dr. Mindy does calculations for his students, the startling information that this comet is heading straight for the pacific ocean within 6 months leaves them scrambling for help. After phone calls to NASA, a meeting is set up with the President of the United States, played marvelously by Meryl Streep. President Orlean and her comically ignorant son Jason dismiss the catastrophe and refuse to take action as they do not think it will help her win the upcoming midterms. 

This film points out many modern-day issues. President Orlean represents the disregard for the climate crisis and the prioritization of fame and politics over science. The diverting character Peter Isherwell represents the danger of holding the idea of technological advancement over the quality of life when he proposes that the deadly comet can be mined for minerals necessary for constructing devices. Riley Bina, portrayed by Ariana Grande, is posed as an aloof celebrity who has millions of avid fans. Her appearance stealing away attention from the comet with the news of her breakup critically touches on the burial of important news in the media. 

Don’t Look Up mastered the balance of meaning mixed with comedy. It left me without knowing what would come next, and walking away in dismay. I would strongly recommend anyone with a concern for modern issues to watch this film.