Footloose the Musical Review


Maddie McMahon, Writer

On March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Abington Senior High School put on the production of Footloose. The show is about a teen, Ren, and his mom, Ethel, who move to a new town, Bomont. In Bomont, there are laws about being unable to sing and dance because of a car accident that killed Pastor Shaw’s son and four others when they were intoxicated after a party. Ren doesn’t like this law that Pastor Shaw put into place, so he tries to repeal this act. In the end, he successfully saves Bomont, allowing anyone to be able to dance and celebrate.

As a member of the stage crew, the musical was an amazing success! Building the set and watching it develop over time was very gratifying. By opening night, the show came together really well, and we received positive reviews from many students and staff from the audience! This year’s musical sold over 1,500 tickets and made $14,000 in profit.

I would highly recommend anyone to join the stage crew or participate in any form for the spring musical and fall play next year! It is a great way to meet new friends and gain some experience in theater production.