Come Support Abington Senior High School’s Musical, Footloose!

Come Support Abington Senior High School’s Musical, Footloose!

Sarah Rothman, Writer

Abington Senior High is putting on the show, Footloose, from Thursday, March 2nd up until their fourth and final show on Saturday, March 4th. The musical is based on the film but is adapted to the stage featuring two acts of snappy music. Footloose captures the life of Ren McCormack, a boy from the city who moves to a small town that forbids dancing. Through battling this limit on his self-expression, he sets out to let this town dance again. I had the privilege of sitting in on one of the rehearsals for the show, and seeing the hard work and passion put into this show only made me more eager to enjoy the final production. There are many different people involved in the theater program at Abington, and all together, they have created a truly amazing show to put on for their fellow students and adults of the community. I spoke with members of various components of the production to find out more about what they are bringing to the stage. 

To start, Ms. Wolf is one of the staff co-directors. She took part in productions that her high school put on, and spoke that she enjoys bringing that to the students at Abington. While discussing the plot, she said, “It is also a really deep story about love and forgiveness and it has a lot of deeper themes to it than most people realize.” 

Cyrus Nasib, a senior student director of the school’s production Footloose says “I think the most fun part has been watching us grow —  because it always starts off really rough but I love seeing the show evolve, and everyone working together is really nice.” They also created specific scenes involving western dance, which sounds like a must-see.

Quinn Vializ is in the pit orchestra and says, “Even if you don’t have much affiliation with the arts, I still think it’s something that connects people really well.” 

Elli Nielsen, who participates in stage crew, remarks, “It really will get you dancin’!”

Audrey Moore is a senior student director who has been involved in directing since pre-COVID productions at Abington Junior High School. She emphasizes, “It is amazing to be part of something and then you go and see it on stage and you realize, ‘Hey, I did that!’ It’s just something so much bigger than yourself.”

Shane Reilly is a junior who plays the role of Chuck Cranston, one of the show’s antagonists. He admits, “It’s a little bit fun, but you know, the guilt is always there.” He then goes on to say, “The numbers are fantastic, the music is rockin’. I cannot wait for everyone to come see it; it is going to be a blast.”

Tyler Ramsey, a freshman, plays the role of Willard Hewitt and comments, “It’s a great way for everyone to get together, just have a bunch of fun, learn about each other, make new friends,”

Mykayla Bromely is a sophomore co-dance captain and feature dancer. She helps lead and perfect her fellow dancers to help their movements light up the stage. She even choreographed one of the musical’s dance numbers. She also said that the dancing was very intense and was an important part of the production. 

Lastly, Izzy Malfara, a cast member, exclaims, “Footloose will knock your socks off with its groovy songs, fun dances, and super talented cast and crew and pit.” She also talks about the interactions on stage saying, “Our chemistry with each other is noticeable– like you can tell we are having a lot of fun when we’re acting together.”

Footloose is a great show and brings a community to its crew as well as entertainment to students. The cast and crew hope to see you in the audience March 2nd-4th 2023!