How to Survive Valentine’s Day Without a Valentine


Ashleigh Lauer, Writer

As Valentine’s Day season rolls around, stores stock their shelves with cheap heart-shaped candy and teddy bears that will soon turn into dog toys. Valentine’s Day is primarily marketed for couples, so what happens to those of us who don’t have a significant other? First, reframe your mindset. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to take time for yourself and focus on what you want. Whether you are reading a book or going out to dinner by yourself, enjoy your alone time. Next, your pet can be your Valentine. Valentines should not exclude your furry or nonfurry friend. Spend time with your pet and make the day all about the relationship you cherish with them. Additionally, another way to make Valentine’s Day more enjoyable is to give back to other people. Valentine’s Day does not only have to be about you and one other person. It can be about caring for others or helping out your community. This holiday isn’t strictly about two people. Finally, make plans before Valentine’s Day so you aren’t moping around on the actual holiday. Go out to dinner with friends or find a movie to watch. If you plan something fun, you won’t be so wrapped up in the gushy stereotypes of Valentine’s Day. I hope this helps you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!