Top 5 Trader Joe’s Foods


Ashleigh Lauer, Writer

As more and more people become addicted to their devices, word gets out about the best foods to try. Popular food review videos include famous chain stores such as Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s has become viral for their wide selection of foods from many different cultures and ethnicities. The extensive spread of videos and articles about the “best foods” to try from this grocery store chain can be overwhelming and confusing, leaving people unsure of what to try. As an avid shopper and enthusiast of Trader Joe’s, I can assure you that I know the top 5 things you should buy the next time you make a trip there. 


#1. Salsa Verde Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips

These chips are some of the best chips I have ever had. The mixture of salty, spicy, and zesty makes for a perfect addition to any lunch or dinner. They are not too spicy, so your mouth won’t feel like it is on fire, but it still has a zesty kick from the lime that will have you craving more. 


#2. Thai Banana Fritters 

These sweet and crunchy fritters are truly life-changing. The crispy-crunchy outside, coated with sweet coconut and sesame seeds, along with the creamy banana filling is perfect for an after-school snack or a quick and easy dessert everyone will love. 


#3. Spizzico di Pizza

These pizzas were an asset to my childhood and will continue to be a staple in my home. The pizzas are the perfect size and have just the right amount of tomato sauce and cheese. If you are looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner or just a late-night snack, look no further than these childhood classics. 


#4. Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies

These might be my favorite food at Trader Joe’s. They are sweet and buttery and taste just like a waffle. I discovered them earlier this year and they have been in my house at all times ever since. If you are in need of an easy dessert to bring to the upcoming holidays, these are a total crowd-pleaser. 


#5. Mandarin Orange Chicken

This yummy, sweet and savory chicken is a perfect addition to any meal. Serve over any type of starch or vegetable, but it is not required, as it is still delicious to eat by itself. The crispy outside and juicy inside make it truly addictive and will make you want to have it every night for dinner.