The Verdict: Is Pumpkin Spice Overrated?


Ashleigh Lauer, Writer

As fall comes into full swing, you may be rolling your cart down the isles of Trader Joes or Whole Foods, stocking up on soups and coffees in preparation for the cold winter months ahead. Additionally, you may be gawking over the pumpkin flavor foods and beverages engulfing the shelves. Pumpkin seems to be a non-stop topic on people’s minds as Halloween and Thanksgiving roll around. Many people are buying pumpkin cookies and pumpkin flavored coffee. Fights are breaking out over the last pumpkin pie whipped cream. New pumpkin flavored inventions such as pumpkin spice hummus, pumpkin spice cream cheese, and even pumpkin spice flavored potato chips have been created and are selling out in stores. Although the pumpkin spice craze has made its way into millions of pantries and cupboards, is pumpkin spice overrated? 

Personally, I feel as though pumpkin spice has gotten out of hand. Although the pumpkin spice drinks from Starbucks are fantastic, I can not get over the pumpkin spice Pringles. Certain pumpkin spice items can be absolutely disgusting and should not be made. There is a line that needs to be drawn with the pumpkin spice flavors. Only desserts should have pumpkin spice flavoring. Overall, pumpkin spice needs to be limited and should not be used to ruin otherwise delicious foods.