How to Pick Out Flowers For a Dance


Sophia Weber, Features Editor

In my recent months as an employee of a local flower shop, I have helped many clueless people find the perfect flowers for any number of occasions. However, nothing is as agonizing as finding flowers for a dance when you can’t tell a mum from a carnation. And with the homecoming dance fast approaching, this issue is more prevalent than ever.


1. Ask for help

If you’ve just entered your local flower shop, overwhelmed with no idea how to start, ask an employee for help. Chances are they will be happy to do so. Many customers have announced to me that they know nothing about flowers, and walk out with a stunning bouquet.


2. Get to know their preferences

When choosing an arrangement for someone else, one of the easiest ways to assemble a bouquet sure to please is to start with favorite flowers, and steer clear of any that aren’t their cup of tea (flowers with strong smells, common allergies, or flowers that are harmful to cats). Another way is to identify preferred color palettes. Even if there are few flowers available in that particular color, you can always ask for ribbon or tissue paper in that shade to tie all together. Thirdly, call to mind any other idiosyncrasies. Do they like bold colors, or prefer pastels? Are they into out-of-the-box things, or the traditional?


3. Match the outfit

When getting flowers for any dance, make sure to know what outfit they’re planning on so the flower designers can create a pleasing match. It’s a good idea to show a picture in order to get the correct shade, but keep in mind that the lighting in the photo could distort the true color. Ideally, if you have a tie or handkerchief, or other accessory that matches the color, bring it in to avoid any confusion. 


4. Coordinate

If you’re getting flowers for a date, make sure the other person is not intending on getting their own, or yours as well. If you’re getting flowers for both of you, make sure you agree on whether you will be paying the total amount, only your specific flowers, or half of the total. Make sure you know what type arrangement they would prefer- hand-tied, corsage, boutonniere, or something else? Remember any other specifics as well. Did they mention something smaller and compact? It is always better to communicate than to assume and misunderstand. 


Whether you’re buying flowers for a special someone or just yourself, don’t get overwhelmed on the details. Flowers are vessels of love and care, and the act of thoughtfulness still stands no matter how they are received.